A £180,000 government grant to improve the safety of cycling in St Albans is "just a drop in the ocean" according to members from cycle campaign groups.

Cycle pathways on junctions between the A414 and A405 North Orbital and between St Peters Street and Hatfield Road will be made safer as part of a new scheme announced by Transport Minister Norman Baker.

However, Mike Hartley from the St Albans Cycling Campaign (STCC) said although this is welcome news there is still a long way to go.

Mr Hartley said: "This is just a drop in the ocean in comparison to the work they need to do to improve road safety for cyclists in St Albans.

"The junction between St Peters Street and Hatfield Road is an accident black spot and between 2005 and 2011 there has been 7 slight or moderate accidents involving cyclists there.

"It is great to see them spending money on cycling and I am happy to see they are trying to improve safety.

"As long as it is part of a bigger plan, we are very happy. However there is still a long way to go."

The existing footpath adjacent to the A414 and A405 between Napsbury Lane and Tippendell Lane will be converted into a shared cycleway to improve cycle links between Park Street, London Colney and St Albans.

At the Junction of St Peters Street, Hatfield Road and Catherine Street funding circulatory space on the roundabout will be reduced in order to reduce traffic speeds and improve inter-visibility between users.

Peter Wares, a Verluamium Park consultative forum member said it is vital safety for cyclists is improved. Mr Wares of Ramsbury Road said: "This is good news. The junction between St Peters Street and Hatfield Road is important because there is a roundabout that lots of cyclists use to come from the north of town in the centre of town.

"It is very dangerous and cyclists often find it very difficult to get across.

"Let’s just hope they spend the money wisely and sensibly."

The cash will also go towards improving traffic signs and a provision of Trixi mirrors which allows drivers of large vehicles to see cyclists on their nearside blind spot will also be introduced.

Doug Driscoll, president of the Verulam Cycling Club said current on road safety for cyclists in the district is awful.

Mr Driscoll said: "This is exactly what we need to encourage children to get on their bikes and give it a go.

"Cycling is very popular here and improved safety will comfort parents to know their child will be able to cycle in a safe environment.

"As a group we have doubled in size and have grown to over 300 members, however we struggle to attract children under sixteen.

"Hopefully improved safety will bring on board enthusiastic and talented young cyclists."

Mr Driscoll added he was sceptical about the amount being spent because he did not think the grant would stretch to afford the works that were needed. All of the projects, which are part of a £5.7m government fund for schemes in the South East, are due to be completed within the next year.