Few could ever describe Toyah Willcox as a shrinking violet. The former princess of pop punk has always been a rebel – as a teen she hung out with the local Hells Angels chapter, dyed her hair “every colour of the rainbow“ and often skipped her classes at her private school.

Could it have been the hormones?

“As far as I can remember I have always been hormonal, and I can remember being hormonal in my pram,“ says Toyah, 54, who is coming to St Albans as the star of Hormonal Housewives.

“One of my clearest early hormonal moments was at the age of eight, when my exasperated, and even more hormonal mother, took me to see The Sound of Music seven times in the hope it would make me more lady-like.

“But I wasn’t interested in Julie Andrews’ dresses nor did I want to sing about a lonely goat-herder. NO! I wanted to be running up that hill, somewhere in the Alps, and singing at the top of my voice, rebelling against the towns’ folk below. It was at this time I realised that the wonderful world of showbiz was the only option for me.“

Head-strong, determined and “still not managing to be lady-like“, by the time she’d reached 20, she’d starred in a number of films, including mod favourite Quadrophenia and was signed to a record company.

The hits came quickly – It’s A Mystery reached number four in the charts, swiftly followed by the likes of I Wanna Be Free and Thunder In The Mountains.

“After many years of solid touring and recording I finally became an overnight success,“ says Toyah, married to King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp. “The record was so successful that vinyl record pressing plants had to stay open over night to meet the demand for sales.

“I suppose in your 20s you just think you are drunk on life and are generally mad, but looking back I was seriously hormonal at 24!“

By her 30s, Toyah says “all hell was breaking out inside my body.

“I had performed all over the world,“ she says, “been in the trickiest situations imaginable, even been alone with Jimmy Savile in his dressing room, but nothing prepared me for the hormonal changes you experiences in your 30s – why don’t they teach you this at school?

“The highs! The lows! The PMTs! The food cravings! The cold feet! The weight gain! The bloating! HELL!“

Hormonal Housewives is a side-splittingly funny sketch show that follows the lives, loves and losses of three 21st Century women. Sometimes crude, often rude, but always hilarious, the show sees Toyah joined by Julie Coombe (one half of the husband and wife team who wrote the show) and Hollyoaks star Sarah Jane Buckley to explore everything that make women tick – and ticked off.

From teenagers to IKEA to holiday reps and 'the insanity of DIY’, as the promotional material states: ’what they can’t teach you about modern womanhood isn’t worth knowing’.

“I read this quote,“ adds Toyah, “’Menopause in most ancient cultures means THE WISDOM.’ Wise words indeed. Don’t forget to tell your daughters that!“