A first time author has thanked her former English teacher at a St Albans school for developing her passion of literature.

Liz Baddaley paid tribute to her former English Literature teacher at St Albans Girls’ School (STAGS), Mrs Asher.

The Finding of Freddie Perkins, Ms Baddaley’s first book, is now winning positive comments from across the country which prompted her to praise her sixth-form teacher.

Ms Baddaley’s family home is in Hatfield Road and she grew up in St Albans.

She attended Oakwood JMI School and STAGS, before studying English Literature at Christ Church, Oxford, where she says she always enjoyed writing and received a huge amount of encouragement from teachers.

She said: "I was lucky enough not just to have good teachers, but one or two real allies. There were a few people who, at key stages in my development, understood me, believed in me, and came alongside me to challenge me to aim higher.

"I’d particularly like to thank one of my A Level English teachers at STAGS, Mrs Asher, for her passion for literature and her brilliant encouragement."

Since publication, Liz has been invited by STAGS to speak at the school’s A Level prize giving ceremony in December. "That’s a real honour, and I’m looking forward to it." Ms Baddaley added.

The Finding of Freddie Perkins’ is aimed at children aged eight to 12 years which tells the story of Freddie, whose mother dies and he finds himself "dragged up to Scotland to live with his granny."