A St Albans mother has organised a fundraising coffee morning to raise awareness of a liver disease linked to pregnancy, following her experience with the condition.

Alice Tuson, 33, will host the coffee morning at her house in Chiswell Green on Friday, March 7 in a bid to raise awareness of intrahepatic cholestasis a condition not recognised by most pregnant women.

The charity ICP Support, aims to spread the word about the symptoms of the pregnancy-specific liver disease that occurs in 1 in 200 pregnancies and how at its most severe level can cause stillbirth. ICP awareness week will take place from March 1 to March 8.

Alice found when she was pregnant with Thomas, now five-years-old, she was itching her legs and turned to her doctor for advice.

She said: "This year’s awareness week is a big year for us as we are looking to build up the profile of our charity. Suprisingly many people are still not aware of ICP which is a great shame."

The coffee morning will feature a raffle, with prizes donated from local businesses including Michelle Wiggett Photography, as well as a reflexology prize.

ICP, a condition that can be passed down through families, can re-occur in subsequent pregnancies and may have longer term health consequences for both woman and their children.

Alice, mother to Thomas and three-year-old Erin added: "This is a subject I am very passionate about and after sufferring from the condition myself in two pregnancies I know how important it is to raise awareness to prevent the conditon from harming any more people."

Last year’s coffee morning raised £167 but the charity is hoping to raise £300. To find out more about the coffee morning email Alice on alicetuson@icpsupport.org.