St Albans MP Anne Main will discuss the issue of the Government badger cull in the House of Commons this month.

Following an announcement yesterday Mrs Main said she is thrilled that she will get the opportunity to fully debate the issue of animal welfare in the Chamber on Thursday, March 13.

This comes after Mrs Main took part in a protest through the city streets on Saturday, which was organised by the Hertfordshire and Middlesex Badger Group. 

St Albans & Harpenden Review:

Protesters at Saturday's march

In a statement released by her office, Mrs Main said: "There has been a great strength of feeling about culling badgers. I have been pressing for greater clarity on this issue for some time. I was very pleased to receive so much cross-party support for this debate.

"I am asking the Government to pause, reflect and adapt its policy for tackling Bovine TB. Should the motion receive the support of the house I hope the Government will look at other strategies to tackle this problem."

Mrs Main spoke of her "great sympathy" for farmers and said that something must be done to tackle Bovine TB.

She added: "This needs to be an effective policy and the pilot culls have failed on all of the Government’s own criteria, including humaneness. I cannot support an ineffective policy that condones the inhumane killing of a protected species and does not deliver on an effective way of tackling Bovine TB.

"Given the specific underperformance of the pilot badger culls I feel it is imperative the Government listens to the IEP findings and reflects on the concerns of thousands of people across the UK. In the meantime, I do not believe the Government should allow more licences to be granted until Members have considered, debated, and voted on the motion before the House.

"I want to assure charities and all those concerned with the welfare of badgers that when I return to the House, I shall be closely scrutinising the Government, and how they intend to tackle bovine TB, without the unnecessary and inhumane culling of badgers."