The head of English at St Albans School, Mark Pedroz, is helping the next generation of English scholars around the world to study for their IGCSE, thanks to his new book published by Oxford University Press.

The book - "English Literature for Cambridge IGCSE" - is a guide to drama, prose, poetry, essay writing and unseen reading for the Cambridge International IGCSE followed by students from Argentina to India.

Under Mark’s lead, St Albans School was an early adopter of the Cambridge IGCSE syllabus, which is becoming increasingly popular within the top tier UK independent and state schools.

He said: "The idea for the book, which is a course companion with an accompanying CD of extension and support material, came together while I was on sabbatical for half a term in 2012.

"I was visiting conferences to promote an earlier textbook, the "OUP Skills Builder", which made clear the interest in a textbook to stretch high achievers.

"I am grateful to the headmaster and governors for the sabbatical which helped to start the process of writing, and to the students in the St Albans School English Department, with whom I’ve tried out much of the content."

A senior examiner for several years, Mark has been head of English for 15 years and is now involved in developing new GCSEs alongside his classroom teaching.