St Albans' very own Morris Men danced at dawn on Thursday to welcome May Day with traditional folk music and dancing.

The festivities kicked off just after sunrise at 6am on outside the Old Town Hall in St Peter’s Street.

Ten of St Albans Morris Men took part in a range of dances including ‘Princess Royal’, ‘Ring of bells’, ‘Young Collins’ and ‘Cuckoo’s nest’. Their early morning performance was watched by about 20 supporters and other passers-by.

Andrew Torrington, secretary of St Albans Morris Men, said: "Dancing in the city centre on May Day is a great way to start the summer. We are grateful to the Mayor for coming along, and it is wonderful that she came appropriately dressed in white which matched our white shirts and trousers. We always welcome new dancers, with or without experience, so please get in touch if you want to find out more. We are on the web."

The Mayor of St Albans, Annie Brewster, welcomed the arrival of summer by putting her dancing skills to the test alongside the dancers.

She said: "It is a very long standing tradition for St Albans Morris dancers to dance on May Day. I am very grateful to the dancers for letting me take part as they welcomed the start of summer. I join them in wishing everyone in the District a very happy and prosperous summer."

St Albans Morris Men was founded in 1930 by Dr R Kenworthy Schofield after he moved to St Albans from Cambridge to work at the Rothamsted Research Station.