Stencils of bright yellow fishes can now be seen on the kerbs of streets in How Wood to raise awareness of water pollution.

On Monday 28 cubs from Park Street's Birchwood pack, aged between eight and ten stencilled yellow fish beside drains around How Wood and delivered information leaflets to homes as part of the Environment Agency's Yellow Fish scheme.

Chris Hollis, Akela to the Birchwood Cub pack said "As part of a balanced programme of fun activities our cubs are encouraged to get involved in things that help the local community and also to consider wider global issues, like taking care of our environment.

"This project covers both of those things and it will go towards the cubs' Global Challenge and Environment Partnership badges."

The project aims to raise awareness about sources of water pollution and to remind people that any waste entering them may go directly into the nearest stream, river, lake, canal or other waterway - causing pollution and killing wildlife.