Volunteers dug, weeded and planted their way to revamping the garden of a HIV charity based in St Albans on Tuesday afternoon.

Members from Sky IQ, in Victoria Square, replanted flowers, repainted railings and cleared out the overgrown back garden of The Crescent, in Russell Avenue as a goodwill gesture.

Iain Murtagh, operations manager, said: "It is absolutely outstanding. I can’t believe how much they achieved in the space of three hours.

"Some of the trustees saw it yesterday and they were dumbfounded at how different it looks.

"What a wonderful bunch of people they were, they should be commended for an example of great teamwork.

"We are really thankful because this is something I would have never managed in time.

He continued: "It is just in time for our monthly lunch this weekend. People will be able to use the garden for the first time in a long time.

"It’s a relief."

Mr Murtagh also thanked members at St Albans Voluntary Service, based in the civic centre, who helped to organise the event.

Since funding was withdrawn from the Crescent Hertfordshire County Council in June 2011 volunteers have continued to run the charity through their own money and donations.