A host of beautifully crafted ceramics will be on display during the 21st Art in Clay show at Hatfield House.

Hailed as one of the most important ceramics events in Europe, Art in Clay sees craftsmen and women from all around the world come together to give demonstrations and show their work.

Spend an afternoon perusing the stalls filled with imaginative pottery designs, or watch clay throwing, sculpting and decoration at various points around the three-day event.

There is also a full programme of talks and demonstrations planned.

Every year, two awards are given out at the festival: The Valentine Clays Peers Award and The Potclays Student Award.

Visitors are invited to attend the grand awards ceremony, as the show draws to a close on Saturday afternoon at 5.30pm.

Art in Clay, Hatfield House, Hatfield, July 3 to 5, Friday to Saturday, 10am to 5.30pm, Sunday, 10am to 5pm. Details: 0115 987 3966, artinclay.co.uk