The family of a man who hanged himself could not could not have done anything further to save him, an inquest has heard.

Michael Hart, 58, of Old Watling Street, Flamstead, was suffering from depression when he took his own life in May.

Mr Hart had been made redundant from his job in HR last year and although he had found a new job, coroner Edward Thomas said he had found the redundancy "very difficult".

Mr Hart had been given medication by doctors after talking about his lack of self-esteem, low spirits and lack of concentration, but was worried and felt he did not need to take it thanks to the support of his family.

When he stopped taking the medication his family urged him to go back to the doctor and made him an appointment.

His last contact with a GP was on January 8 when he complained about a problem with his left index finger.

On May 6, Mr Hart’s son returned home from work and found his father had hanged himself in the garage.

He was present at the inquest and Mr Thomas said: "I’m so impressed with how you handled it.

"You came back and he was in the garage.

"It must have been terrible for you to see him there. You just dealt with it so well.

"It’s clear everything you did was right and there’s nothing further you could have done and no other way you could have saved him.

"I’m glad you’re here today.

"It must be really awful for you reliving how you found him."

When paramedics and police arrived at the scene it was clear Mr Hart had been dead a short while, and Mr Thomas said that was why there was nothing further anyone could have done to save him.

No notes were found and there were no signs of forced entry, third party involvement or injuries other than what you would expect, added the coroner.

Mr Thomas said: "The cause of death was asphyxiation.

"He hadn’t been on anything and when he did it, he knew the consequences, being in the depressed state he was in.

"He was in a black hole and I have had people explain about being in the hole saying they can’t get out.

"I think it is very significant how supportive his family were.

"Clearly, they did all that he could to try and help him but he was in that hole.

"Sadly he was in that situation.

He ruled that Mr Hart had taken his own life while suffering from depression.

Mr Thomas added: "If he wasn’t suffering from depression he would not have taken his own life.

"It was the demoralisation of redundancy.

"Times are hard for a lot of people.

"It must have been very worrying and hard for him and he felt no way out."