RESIDENTS are being urged to look out for elderly friends and family this winter.

Worcester City Council has called on the community to make sure old or infirm neighbours are warm and well during the colder months, as they can often be more susceptible to illnesses at this time of year.

Cllr Mike Johnson, the council’s Cabinet member with responsibility for health issues, said: "We’ve not had any really bad weather so far this winter, but a cold snap could be just around the corner.

"I’m proud of our great community spirit here in Worcester, but it is still worth reminding residents to look out for elderly friends or relatives by checking on them regularly, particularly during severe weather.

"There are some really simple things we can all do to help friends and relatives. Ensure their home is warm and they have everything they need to manage during the cold spell.

"Picking up shopping or medicines for them during bad weather can make all the difference and could prevent them having to leave the house themselves and risk a fall."

The council's tips for helping residents during winter include: drop in on an older neighbour or friend once a week and more often if the weather turns very cold; make sure their home is heated to at least between 18°C and 21°C in winter; encourage them to get heating and cooking appliances safety checked and keep their home well ventilated; ensure the person is eating well; ask if you can collect any prescriptions or take the person to the GP for any appointments and if it snows, clear their path or door areas for them.

If they do start to feel ill encourage them to visit a pharmacist or if they feel unwell out of hours they can call 111 and speak to the NHS.

For more information on staying well this winter visit