“I feel more English than Canadian now,” says comedian Tom Stade, who will be discussing his escalating Britishness in his brand new show - You're Welcome - which will be coming to the Alban Arena next month and promises to be packed full of the crazy and reckless kind of humour that is Tom's trademark. However this time around he is swapping his well-known 'drunken Canadian' observations for something altogether more British.

You're Welcome is a follow-up to his show last year Decisions, Decisions, although the Canadian-born 45-year-old explains that is a completely different, in fact it is about “my cultural evolution”.

Tom, who has performed on The John Bishop Show, Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow as well as Live at the Apollo, moved to the UK with his family “accidentally”.

He says, “I’m not sure exactly how long we have been here, probably around ten years give or take. We weren’t expecting to be here for a very long time.

"It was just my wife and two wonderful children when we moved.

“So my latest show is all about the transformation that happens when you don’t have anyone else that is family around you to help except friends.”

Tom, who now lives in Edinburgh, adds. “It’s noticing what I do now and the things I do that make me more English now than Canadian. When I go back to Canada I don’t really feel I relate to Canadians as well as I do English people and that is partly because I haven’t been around them for so long. For example, over there people wouldn’t understand what Iceland is or if I talked to them about TK Max they wouldn’t have a clue.”

Tom, who comes from a small town in Canada and came to England without a plan, says like many things in his life he “fell into comedy” - before that he wanted to be actor.

“I watched a comedy show and thought I could do better than that – I didn’t do better than that but I absolutely loved it. A friend of mine used to perform and close to my 19th birthday he called me on stage and I have never looked back.”

He adds: “I used to like people like George Carlin (actor/ comedian) - in fact my Dad liked him amongst other comedians so I guess I grew up around it. The very first show I saw was a bar gig – I was underage in the bar and it was called The Overdrive. It was normally a dance club that everybody went to and they had a comedy night there and even though I had listened to it on records and TV and stuff, I had never actually gone to a show before that.”

Now Tom, who claims he is attempting to quit smoking for what must be the 11th time, doesn’t take life too seriously and says he always has a counter argument for pretty much everything, which is what he draws on in his show. He says: “I trained myself to look at life rather than be too involved - to slow down and then see the funny side of things.

“With shows there is always that unknown factor, the fear element where material you have prepared does not get the reaction you hoped for. But it is all about how you deal with it in that moment and if you can make it go your way. You never know when that it is going to happen and I like that.”

Tom will be performing at the Alban Arena of February 4. Details: 01727 844488, www.alban-arena.co.uk