A man who has committed anti-social crime and been a nuisance in St Albans using his white van has had it seized and destroyed.

Bobby Cousins, 33, from Potters Bar is described by police as being a “thorn in their side” for a number of years.

His van was destroyed on Thursday, April 21.

St Albans chief inspector Ken Townsend said: “Having a vehicle seized and crushed is unusual but given the nature of Cousins’ offending and the fact that he used his van to commit all of his crime, we were able to present enough evidence to the court to take away his only asset.

“It was very satisfying holding his number plate, knowing that he won’t be able to use this vehicle to commit crime or anti-social behaviour again.”

As well as being a nuisance in St Albans, Cousins has also committed crimes in Hertsmere and Dacorum.

Between April and October 2015, Cousins has been involved in numerous thefts of fuel and shopliftings.

Although many of his offences represented relatively low values, this did not prevent Hertfordshire Constabulary successfully applying for the destruction order.

Chief inspector Townsend said: “We won’t hesitate to seize and crush vehicles in the future that are used to commit crime, including environmental crimes like fly-tipping.

“Is it really worth losing your vehicle?”

As well as having his van confiscated, Cousins was also disqualified from holding or obtaining a driving license for 12 months, ordered to pay £514.59 – including £300 costs – and put on a six month drug rehabilitation treatment programme.

He was given the sentence on Thursday, March 10 at St Albans Magistrates’ Court.

  • On August 27 he stole £15.02 of diesel from Townsend filling station in Lower Luton Road in Harpenden.
  • On September 12 he stole £10 worth of diesel from Tesco in Mutton Lane, Potters Bar.
  • On October 11 he stole £15 worth of celebration chocolates from a Spar shop in Leverstock Green Road in Hemel Hempstead.
  • On October 13 he stole a £12 box of Stella from Co-op on Lower Luton Road in Harpenden.
  • On October 13 he stole six tubs of Quality Streets from the Spar shop in Village Centre in Hemel Hempstead.
  • On October 13 he stole a quantity of meat from Co-op on How Wood in Park Street, St Albans.
  • On October 15 he stole £80 worth of meat from Tesco Express on the Lower Luton Road in Harpenden.
  • On October 18 he stole three boxes of Haribos from the Co-op on Lower Luton Road in Harpenden.
  • On October 18 he stole six boxes of chocolates from Tesco Express in High Street, Wheathampstead.