Rewind to the '70s this Friday with the disco sound of the Bee Gees staying alive for an evening of night fever at Harpenden Public Halls.

The Bootleg Bee Gees tribute band have been performing across the world for 15 years but it will be their first gig in Harpenden.

The band is made up of Dave Wright, who plays Barry, David Clement-Horton as Maurice and Owen McGee, who plays Robin. Their drummer is Adam Rich.

Harpenden resident David (aka Maurice) reveals who looks most like a Bee Gee and why tribute acts are sometimes better than the real thing…

What can people expect from the show - lots of the Bee Gees' top hits?

You can expect a kind of History of the Bee Gees including all of their big hits as well as some of the songs they wrote for other people along with some acoustic numbers. The second half will all be disco mayhem.

Are you all big fans of the Bee Gees?

We all love the harmonies and to be honest, that is what the Bee Gees are about. From the early recordings in the '60s of memorable songs like New York Mining Disaster through to the unique sound of the disco '70s, all of them had beautiful harmonies.

How did you get a place?

Well, I have the singing range and the looks of Maurice, so for me it was quite easy!

Who looks most like a Bee Gee?

Must be me. Alright, maybe Barry too. He's even got the same guitars that Barry Gibb used.

Do you know how many other tribute Bee Gee bands there are?

There are only a few Bee Gees tributes out there. It's a very difficult act to follow as you have to look and sound like them and there aren't that many that sound like Barry.

Have you met any other tribute bands?

I personally go to as many tribute concerts as I can. Sometimes the tributes are better than the real thing. For example, you may be seeing the "real" Meatloaf but he can't get those notes these days, and let's face it ... you're never going to see the real Bee Gees.

Have you been in any other tribute bands in the past?

I have been in a Paul McCartney Tribute, but Dave (Barry) has been in an Eagles, Police and Beatles tribute too.

When did you first start liking the group?

I'm a child of the '70s, so grew up with them, though I did like (and still prefer) the older, slower songs.

How did you all meet and form the band?

Dave (Barry) used to perform with his brother (who has now passed away) but I was recruited from an advert.

What is your favourite song to perform?

My favourite is Run To Me, as I love the harmonies and the words.

What is your least favourite?

I Started A Joke, only because there's not much harmonising and it's a very sad song.

Are you looking forward to performing in your hometown?

Well, not only will I have lots of my friends there, it is also on my birthday so it will be like a huge birthday party for me.

Do you all perform all over the country?

We have been known to drive from a gig in the Isle of Wight to an Isle of Bute (Scotland) gig. Yes, we travel all over the UK as well as the world. Earlier this month we played in The Isle of Man to celebrate Barry Gibb's 70th birthday, which was lots of fun.

What's next after this show - any more gigs coming up?

Straight after this we're heading to Birmingham, but yes, we are away every weekend, though if this is a success we'll be booking for next year.

What is your day job?

Well, this is kind of my day job, but working only weekends, I do like to keep myself occupied, so I teach Mad Science in schools. Look out for Dynamo Dave.

Bootleg Bee Gees, Harpenden Public Halls, Southdown Road, Harpenden, AL5 1PD, Friday, September 23, 7.30pm. Details: