HATFIELD'S University of Hertfordshire has been ranked third out of more than 100 in the country for its environmental performance.

The league table, based on criteria such as green travel plans, the number of environmental staff and the use of renewable energy and recycling was compiled by the campaigning student body People and Planet.

The university's environmental advisor Michelle Dixon said: "We are really embracing the environmental agenda.

"We have recently made major commitments to reduce our carbon footprint, implement an environmental management system and make our purchasing choices more sustainable.

"We are also well known in the sector for improving biodiversity on campus and for good waste management.

"Just last week we announced that we are to switch over to using 100 per cent recycled paper for all our printers and copiers, amounting to over 26 million sheets per year.

"We are delighted with the result but of course we are always looking to improve."