A GIRL of 14 who suffered brain damage at birth is suing a hospital trust for more than £300,000.

The family of the girl, who we have agreed not to name, this week lodged a writ at the High Court against West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust which runs St Albans City, Hemel Hempstead and Watford General hospitals.

According to the writ, delays in delivering the girl starved her of oxygen, leaving her disabled and severely dependent on other people to look after her.

The writ was issued through her mother who lives in Chiswell Green.

It claims she would have been born healthy but for crucial delays by the registrar.

Despite being asked to see the mother at 7.40am on April 27, 1993, it is alleged he did not attend until 8am and did not begin an emergency Caesarean operation until 8.20am.

Her lawyers argue that he failed to assess the situation properly, assess the risks of delay and appreciate the dangers of the blood loss.

The operation was delayed by unnecessary procedures such as an ultrasound scan, even though it should already have been clear that a Caesarean operation was urgently needed, the writ alleges.

By the time the girl was born at 8.52am, she had suffered serious brain damage. The writ alleges that she should have been delivered by 8.15am when she would have been perfectly healthy.

The claim for damages includes the cost of past and future care, accommodation, equipment, travel, therapies, physiotherapy and future loss of earnings.

West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust refused to comment while the case is ongoing.