An indie rock band signed to Atlantic Records and with the same manager that took Oasis to the top are coming to St Albans this week as part of their 2017 UK tour.

Neon Waltz are all in their early 20s, with a psychedelic sound that is a rarity among modern music. 

They all hail from the most northerly point of mainland UK, John O’Groats in Scotland, and are currently forging their way across the British music scene. 

Despite being in one of the most remote parts of Europe, a six hour journey away from Glasgow, they have bagged a record deal with Atlantic Records and are managed by Howie Payne and Oasis’ former manager Marcus Russell.

The psychedelic rockers have recently released the singles I Fall Asleep and Dreamers, taken from their forthcoming album set for release later this year. 

The band is made up of Jordan Shearer, vocals, Liam Whittles on keys, Calvin Wilson playing the bass guitar, Jamie Swanson and Kevin Swanson on guitar and Darren Coghill on drums.

We spoke to Jordan to find about more about them…

How did you all meet?

The two guitarists are brothers, the rest of us met at high school.

Why did you start a band?

We’d played in bands together from about the age of 14 and that developed into the six of us getting together, writing songs and drinking beer in our spare time.

Describe your sound

Ballsy, but beautiful songs. We’ve been described as a psychedelic band but I think there’s a lot more to our sound than that. We all find our sound quite hard to describe. It’s not like anyone else.

Which artists influence you?

Loads of stuff, we all love The Band, The National and The Walkmen. They all seem to have the most relevance to us as a collective.

Do you write your own music, if so what inspires you?

Yes, we all write songs for the band. Personally, what inspires my writing is just the good and bad situations I’ve been in, in my life. Sonically, I’m probably subconsciously influenced by whatever music I’ve been listening to at that time.

What is your process for writing a song?

I spend a lot of time writing, recording different versions on an acoustic guitar, then sending my favourite version to the rest of the band. We then work on the song in the practice room as a band. I’m sure everyone else in the band has a slightly different process.

Have you had any rock ‘n’ roll experiences before?

We’ve been on a good few tours. So yes, probably a few. It’s good to get all the cliche rock ‘n’ roll stuff out the way early. We’ve never thrown a TV out the window though.

Tell me about the album

It sounds amazing. We finished recording it in 2016 and will be out later this year. We’re so proud of it.

What’s planned for 2017?

A lot of touring, some single releases and the album release. It’s going to be a very fun year.

The Horn, Victoria Street, St Albans, AL1 3TE, Thursday, February 23. Details: 01727 853143