A Harpenden artist who has had her work curated by Saatchi Art is currently holding an exhibition titled The Bold and the Beautiful.

Toula Mavridou-Messer, whose work can be seen in the DST Design at Magnus Interiors in Piggottshill Lane, Harpenden, purchased an old camera on a whim 12 years ago and quickly found her signature style.

Her work captures scenes from across the UK as well as America, with the lights of Las Vegas making frequent appearances including the original sign for the famous Stardust Resort.

“I always have been creative and I’ve always taken photographs, in fact I used to be a photographer and gossip columnist in the 80s. I was 15, it was for Gay News Magazine. I spoke to my mum about it recently, she has dementia, and from her memory I always wanted to do it.”

St Albans & Harpenden Review:

After encouragement from friends and family, Toula submitted some of her work to the Saatchi Art, the online gallery, and they responded “pretty quickly” saying they intended to curate her work in exhibits.

“What was really lovely, as well as giving me some confidence, but just seeing what they’d chosen helped me see what my style is,” Toula explains. “Everyone can take pictures and it will be beautiful, but I’ve realise my eye is very bold and crisp.”

The exhibition will run until July 31, with work available to buy between £2.75 and £1,000. Visitors also have the chance to win a £100 print.

You can find out more about Toula at saatchiart.com/wonderment