Campaigners are lobbying Parliament over life changing injuries they have suffered during a minor procedure.

A group of campaigners are calling for a suspension of mesh implants, which they say has caused long term chronic pain and serious pelvic floor injuries.

The mesh sling is inserted into the vagina in a minor procedure to treat problems often caused by childbirth such as stress incontinence, by gynaecologists and surgeons are calling for its suspension until the risks of its use are fully understood.

One Lara Edgar, 42, from St Albans, experienced an intense burning sensation more than three months after she has the procedure, and believes she was not given the full extent of what the risks might be.

She said: "If I had known all the risks associated with the TVT (tension-free vaginal tape), prior to my surgery date I would never have gone ahead with it.

"The whole point is, I was told it was a minor procedure, to help a minor inconvenience, not give me a new set of potentially serious health problems."

St Albans & Harpenden Review: The mesh removed from Lara in her surgeryThe mesh removed from Lara in her surgery

Ms Edgar found the pain so bad she couldn't drive or take her children to the playground without needing to sit down and rest.

Ms Edgar was also forced to stop teaching yoga, which she does both for the elderly and for those with mental health problems along with her usual classes.

She added: "My youngest daughter started school this academic year and it had been my plan to pick up more classes.

"I had invested in various marketing materials, which I was unable to get any use from. It was a depressing situation."

Despite being told the TVT was not able to be removed, Ms Edgar was able to have it taken out in July, six months after its insertion.

It was confirmed that the TVT has caused "chronic inflammation and a foreign body giant cell reaction" in Ms Edgar's six week post-removal appointment.

She will be joining TVT removal surgeon Miss Sohier Elneil, retired gynaecologist John Osborne and campaigner for Sling the Mesh Kath Sansom and Owen Smith MP, shadow Northern Ireland secretary, to lobby MPs to suspend the surgery.

Mr Smith said: "I am deeply concerned that so many women have experienced profound, life changing complications after mesh surgery.

"Women who have undergone the surgery invariably say they were advised that this was a simple operation, with little accompanying risk.

"But for too many, mesh implants have been the cause of chronic and debilitating pain."

The campaigners will meet in Parliament at 1pm on July 18, having invited all MPs and Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to the meeting.