From performing on a small stage at The Horn in St Albans to entertaining the masses at Reading Festival, The Amazons are on the road to stardom.

Here frontman Matt Thomson speaks about the band’s swift rise to fame and staying true to their roots...

The band seems to be everywhere right now, but describe your sound to anyone who hasn’t heard it:

We love music that’s anthemic, that’s exciting. Music that is intimate as well as being big. If people listen to our music and get that from it we’re doing our job.

And when was the first time you heard your song on the radio?

When we first started The Amazons we had this really early demo of Stay With Me flying around the industry and someone leaked it, like gave it to Zane Lowe. And we got a text, like really early 2015, that Zane Lowe is playing Stay With Me on Radio One.

And everyone lost their s***. It’s because one, we didn’t expect it. Two, no one had ever heard this song before, and we didn’t know why he was playing it. We were jumping around and crying and going ‘what’? An A&R guy must have sent it to Zane Lowe and he’s like ‘yes, I’ll play it’. It blew some little boys’ minds.

Because now you’re everywhere – you’re a big name now?

Ummm, relatively, to an extent. We can always get bigger.

Where were your memorable first gigs?

We used to play at The Horn in St Albans. All these fantastic independent venues. There are some fantastic venues in London too. We would always go for some jaunt to some ill-advised venue in London. The places where you go and think you’ll get signed when really you don’t. The guy that signed us said to us don’t worry about going into London, put your flag in where you are from.

If you’re from Reading, be from Reading, make it your fortress, and it’ll all come to you.

It’s early days but we have had a bit of success, the idea is we don’t need to slot into a scene in Manchester or London, be proud to be where you’re from.  What’s the scene like in Watford or St Albans, what is it like there? It’s so invaluable. That’s your story. People need to realise that and be proud of where they are from.

You’re playing Reading Festival soon. How does that feel to be a part of that this year?

It’s like beyond special, I have been every year for the last ten years. I’ve either bought a ticket or managed to sneak in, one way or another, It’s a way that we consume music, that we see success for the band. And walking away from the festival I just thought I love it so much I just want to play it.

My life will be incomplete if I don’t play this festival.

Where would you like to be in five years?

If we are doing our best, most honest music then I’ll be happy. If we’re still escaping normal life then that’s what it’s about. I love Reading but once I’ve gone, once I’ve moved to LA, then I’m never coming back!

See The Amazons at Reading Festival or at 02 Forum Kentish Town, London on October 12.