It has been 10 years since The Hoosiers released their debut album The Trick To Life, which reached the top of the album charts and spawned the indie-pop classics Worried About Ray and Goodbye Mr A.

Their current tour, which comes to The Horn in Victoria Street on November 6, sees the band playing the album in its entirety. As the record was never released on vinyl, the band will be selling a new limited edition vinyl pressing and expanded 2CD edition.

The success of The Trick To Life, a multi-platinum selling album, was unfortunately not followed up. The next album, prophetically titled The Illusion of Safety, was, all the band agree, a troubled project from the start.

Singer and guitarist Irwin Sparkes reflects: “The word ‘hit’ is substituted for ‘good’. There’s an art to writing under those conditions, but it wasn’t one that worked for us. It exacts a toll on too many writers. You give up too much if you do that.”

The News From Nowhere, released in 2014, was a much better and more popular return, then followed with 2015’s The Secret Service, both self-released after the above troubles with labels.

“Doing it on our own terms,” says Irwin. “Actually having a proper say in it, felt wonderful. We had nothing to lose, but a lot to prove.”

The Horn, Horn of Plenty, Victoria Street, St Albans, AL1 3TE, November 6. Details: 01727 853143