Homes are being worked on across the district to make them more energy efficient.

So far in 2017/18, St Albans City and District Council has spent £583,206 on installing 176 Grade A boilers across its housing stock, with 250 more to be installed by the end of March to make houses more energy efficient.

This programme of upgrades is hopes to be completed by 2020.

The council is also part-way through its new programme to replace doors and windows to further increase the energy efficiency of council homes.

Currently 41 per cent of council-owned homes, including leasehold, have had Grade A windows installed and the remaining properties will be upgraded by 2021.

Cllr Brian Ellis, who leads on housing and inclusion for the council, said: "The council has an ongoing programme to make the homes we own and are rented out to tenants more energy efficient.

"We are installing new boilers that use less energy and are replacing windows and doors.

"This will mean in the long term less energy will be needed to heat the homes, significantly benefitting tenants financially."