Police are reminding people to only call 999 in an emergency after they were inundated with "inappropriate" calls asking for directions through the snow.

Hertfordshire Constabulary said more than 600 extra calls were received during Sunday's snow, many of which were not in relation to emergency incidents.

Chief Superintendent Richard Liversidge said: "Among the calls received by our busy call handlers were requests for the best travel routes in the snow.

"This is clearly not an emergency situation where life or property is at risk or a crime is in action. In fact, this type of request is not a police matter and there are other agencies and organisations that you should go to for this information.

"When people use the 999 number inappropriately it could delay our response to those who are in real needs of an immediate police response."

The police have asked to public to ensure they only call 999 in a genuine emergency, which includes if someone is injured, being threatened or is in danger, if there is a risk of injury to someone or a risk of serious damage to property, if a crime is in progress or a serious incident which requires immediate assistance from police.

When there is no immediate threat to life or property contact Herts Police online at http://www.herts.police.uk/contact_us/contacting_us.aspx or call 101.