Christmas shoppers are urged to use all city centre car parks over the festive period.

With thousands expected to come to St Albans over the Christmas season for the continental Christmas market, Charter Market and restaurants and bars, St Albans City and District Council are urging shoppers to make use of all the car parks in the surrounding area.

There are more than 4,500 spaces available at the 18 car parks across the city centre, some privately owned and others run by the council.

Cllr Beric Read, who oversees business and the community for the council, hopes to draw people attention particularly to car parks near the rail station, which are within walking distance and are less busy during peak times.

He said: "Many people will come here for a day out by car and we want them to be aware of the full range of parking facilities on offer.

"People should make themselves familiar with the location of the main car parks which are all listed on our website."

The list includes three car parks close to the station, one of which is a multi-storey with 815 spaces, as well as the 770 spaces available in the Maltings Shopping centre, 180 spaces at Christopher Place and 537 spaces at Russell Avenue.

For full information, visit the council's website.