A parliamentary spokesman has joined a campaign for equal pensions for women.

Daisy Cooper, who stood as the Liberal Democrat candidate in June's election, has joined the Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI) group, which has been supporting women born in the 1950s who lost out on the chance to get a full pension when the retirement age was raised, since 2015.

The cmpaign estimates some women may have lost as much as £45,000 in income.

Ms Cooper said: "This is a huge injustice that must be resolved urgently. I’ve collected a number of personal statements from women across Herts who have been affected.

"Some of the stories are heart-breaking. Women who took early retirement or caring responsibilities have struggled to return to the workplace. One woman who has battled cancer told me how she has been left living on the bread line.

"The financial hardship they continue to suffer is unforgivable."

Ms Cooper also urged women born in the 1950s to contact the Herts WASPO group's coordinator, Shona Topping, at stalbanswaspi@gmail.com