A church hit its 50th anniversary - and members old and new came together to celebrate.

St Peter's Church in Bushey Mill Lane, Watford, brought together old and new faces to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

The church was originally based in a multi-purpose building, before it was decided that a church building was required.

In 1967, the diocese paid £12,000 for the shell of the building, and the remainder of the required funds was paid for by congregation members, who each gave a shilling a year for five years to kit out the inside of the church.

Mike White, a lay reader at the church, said: "It was fantastic. There were 230 people there and all people from previous congregations whose address we could find were invited.

"It was a great time, really worthwhile. It was filled with the Holly Spirit."

The festivities included a service, attended by Mayor Dorothy Thornhill and mayoral candidate George Jabbour, followed by a lunch event.

Mr Jabbour said: "The church was packed, the Bishop of the Diocese St Albans attended the service and preached the sermon and there was a wonderful lunch afterwards."