A court order directing a tenant to leave a house for a history of antisocial behaviour was made with the help of authorities.

St Albans Magistrates Court granted the closure order for a house on Ballater Close in South Oxhey, on April 5, after police and the council received “numerous” reports of noisy visitors, domestic abuse and suspected drug dealing.

Three Rivers District Council worked with police and housing association, Thrive Homes to secure the closure order resulting in the expulsion of the female tenant for three-months.

People who break the order and enter the Hertfordshire property before then will face arrest.

After hearing reports from the council, the police and the public, St Albans Magistrates Court made the order on the grounds that if it was not issued, disorderly or criminal behaviour was “likely” to continue, serious nuisance to the public would continue, and disorder relating to drugs was likely to occur at the premises. 

The tenant was ordered to leave the property on the day of the closure order, April 5.

Chief executive of Three Rivers, Dr Steven Halls, said: “We very much value our close working relationship with the police and Thrive Homes. 

“By taking this action to close the address, we hope to improve the quality of life for our local communities and provide some respite from the behaviour that causes such misery for neighbours.”

Dr Halls added Three Rivers is working closely with other agencies to prevent these crimes, and that they want people to report anything similar to 101, or on 999.