Hailed as a ‘funny, frank and unapologetically filthy’ show, favorite comedian, Sarah Millican delighted the audience.

Tonight, her focus on sex, bodily functions and bra fittings is as tight as ever with Millican striving ruthlessly and effortlessly to maintain not so much a common touch as a vice-like grip on tonight’s audience.

The audience loves her, and there’s no one better at mining laughs from confidential sex talk, road rage and rescue dogs as this lady.

There are absolutely no holds barred on this latest show titled Control Enthusiast another bawdy, filthy romp through the less savoury aspects of everyday life, all delivered with her cheery, unbruised honesty.

Her motto is pretty much ‘I couldn’t care less’, she tramples over polite sensibilities to tell it like it is, which in this day is incredibly refreshing. She confesses to having no maternal instincts but does have a love of pets – which provides her with a perfect platform to talk about her much loved rescue dog and the fact that she turned down a gig at the Queen’s jubilee to go and pick up a kitten.

Her gossipy nature extends to some conversation with the audience, and although she’s quick with a comeback, she explains it’s all just good fun.

There are a couple of glancing mentions of body image issues, which reinforce her normality against the twig-thin celebrities, who otherwise dominate TV. However, routines about her husband being useless in all matters domestic plays exactly to gender stereotypes.

Support act Sally-Anne Hayward deserves a mention, too. Equally as honest as Sarah, her comedy is delivered with perfect timing and charm. She is a fine fit for Millican’s metier, with plenty of punchlines to win over a crowd who were never expecting to see her and is definitely an act to follow.

Proving that she’s not a control freak but a control enthusiast, Sarah Millican’s new show is set to offer a hilarious night of entertainment, promising an unmissable night for comedy lovers. Her huge ever expanding tour still has tickets available and I couldn’t recommend it more.

Review by Tom Saunders

Sarah Millican will be at the Alban Arena on July 15 and 16.