Police intervention helped residents overcome drug dealing outside their homes.

The St Albans Central, North and West Safer Neighbourhood Team visited Arthur Road in St Albans after residents raised concerns about young people dealing cannabis.

Police later found the drug dealers with CCTV.

PC Jenna Hutchinson said: “We were receiving a number of reports about young people dealing cannabis in the street.

"We carried out both high-visibility and covert police patrols, stop and searches, held street meets with residents and worked with the council.

"I’ve never seen such overwhelming positivity that our presence brought to the road and how grateful all those were that we spoke to, who were of all ages.”

Cllr Salih Gaygusuz said: “The Council’s Community Safety team has worked closely with the police on a high-visibility campaign aimed at preventing crime and helping residents reclaim their road.

"I am pleased to say that this partnership working has proved successful and people now feel much safer in their local community.”