Street Defence is the reality based self defence system developed by Colin Lee Berry. He has been teaching the Street Defence system since 2009 and has worked with an array of clientele including police officers, security teams, children in schools and corporates.

Colin is now bringing his superior self-defence knowledge to St Albans and will be teaching self-defence fitness classes to adults and children. All classes take place in a non-intimidating atmosphere and no previous martial arts or self-defence knowledge is required.

The Street Defence System has five levels of how the student conducts themselves in order to survive or prevent an attack...

1. Awareness

The main problem with most attacks that occur is that people are often not aware of their surroundings. If you can sense a threat before it even happens then not only would you be ready to defend yourself, you may also be able to avoid the situation by staying away from the threat or leaving the area.

2. Relax

The most natural response to a threat is to become tense, nervous and/or aggressive. However the best response is to be calm and relaxed as possible. This may even calm the attacker down due to the fact that they see that you do not want to fight. It is also proven that if you are tense and then go to react, you can slow down your response. Although, if you relax and then react your whole body fires into action.

3. Manage

This is as the title describes. We control the situation, whether it is gaining a lock or control of the weapon.

4. Establish control

Once the attacker has been controlled we need to act so that the attack has been ended and there is no risk of a further attack from the attacker. This could be that you now have complete control of the weapon or you are in the position that the attacker is now grounded and is no longer a threat.

5. Depart

Again as the title suggests, once the threat has been neutralised and there is no risk of a further threat, leave the scene and make your escape.

The sole aim of the street defence system is to make people feel safe and to reduce fatalities or serious injuries to innocent/vulnerable individuals