Final recommendations for new parliamentary boundaries have been made and one particular move has been blasted.

Under new proposals by the Boundary Commission, the number of MP’s could be cut from 650 to 600.

If the proposals are pushed through, several places would be reassigned into a new constituency.

They include Abbots Langley, Leavesden, and Woodside which would move into St Albans District, South Oxhey, Carpenders Park, and Oxhey Hall would become part of Watford, and London Colney and Napsbury Park would move from St Albans to Hertsmere.

Campaigners fought against Woodside moving into St Albans and the Mayor of Watford has expressed his disappointment in the decision.

Mayor Taylor said: “Woodside is in Watford. Hundreds of residents signed our petition because it is part of our town. Their wishes have been ignored. It should remain part of Watford constituency.”

Woodside councillor Karen Collett added: “People in Woodside feel strongly that they are part of Watford and not St Albans. These proposals are very disappointing.”

While Cllr Ian Stotesbury has described the proposal as Watford being “carved up”.

He said: “This is the final recommendation in the process and now our elected MPs must make a decision and vote. These proposals would carve up the Watford borough, split a town in two, and would only add to confuse local boundaries. I'm calling on Richard Harrington, in his role as Watford's MP, to vote against these proposals given Watford's clear and proud local identity.”