A member of the European Parliament has urged people to “stay vigilant” after the Government released its latest report on the potential hazards of Brexit.

Labour MEP for East of England Alex Mayer highlighted concerns about the no-deal “risk assessment” papers released last week that could impact on Britons travelling to other EU countries.

The new papers also emphasise areas concerning more red tape on passports and driving licenses while travelling and an end to funding back to work projects.

Ms Mayer said: “I’m concerned that the drip drip approach to Brexit bad news means people could lose interest.

“So, it’s vital we all plough through the latest deluge of information and hold the Government to account, because there are some scary scenarios in there.

“They published the papers the day before a three-and-a-half-week recess in Westminster and they had loads of written statements going out on the same day. Perhaps they were hoping this news gets swept under the carpet.”

“Of course, we shouldn’t be in this pickle at all - the Government should have consigned a no-deal Brexit scenario to the dustbin months ago, as it is obvious it would be a disaster for the country leaving us weaker, poorer and more isolated.”