When standing, if your feet are jiggling, crossed, moving without purpose, rocking, swaying or shuffling they are telling the person you are talking to that you aren’t as confident as you would like them to think you are.

If you are presenting this can really diminish your audience’s impression of you, which will make them uncomfortable and make you more nervous.

When sitting, if you have your ankles wrapped around the chair leg or floating above the floor like a child it’s impossible to feel credible or come across with authority.

So what do you do?

1. Start with your feet hip width apart.

2. Imagine that the soles of your feet have three points, either side at the front and in the centre of your heel.

3. Make sure that all three points on both feet are flat on the floor. This might mean you have to sit further forward on the chair but it is important that your feet are on the floor.

This simple technique works every time and immediately means that you look more confident (which in turn will help you to feel more confident too)!

Start watching those around you and see what impression they are giving with their feet. Once you start looking it becomes really clear why some people ooze trustworthiness and authority and others don’t!

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