Drivers face month-long disruption to their journeys because of a road closure.

Radlett Lane will be shut near the junction of Porters Park Drive in Shenley from next Monday (October 15) because of telecom work being carried out by EU Networks.

Radlett Lane will only be closed between Porters Park Drive and the side road that leads to Winton Lodge, which means that access to Shenley Park will still be possible but you will have to travel from Radlett.

To avoid the closure, the most direct route is to go via Harper Lane towards Watling Street into Radlett. However, there are temporary lights in Harper Lane due to an ongoing building development and construction of a roundabout, so expect longer delays there.

Another option is to travel via Borehamwood and Theobald Street towards Radlett.

The road is scheduled to reopen on November 15.

Other roadworks in the close area ongoing and over the coming days include:

• Two-way lights at junction of Black Lion Hill/Porters Park Drive, Shenley. October 6-11

• Two-way lights at bottom of Black Lion Hill, Shenley. October 5-15.

• Two-way lights in Watling Street, Radlett, near Christ Church. October 13-14

• Two-way lights in Watling Street near junction of Goodyers Avenue in Radlett. October 8-12

• Two-way lights in Radlett Lane, near junction of Shenley Park. October 10-12.

• Multi way lights in Watling Street, Radlett, at junction of Loom Lane. October 10-12.