Two shows coming to the Trestle Arts Base in Russet Drive, St Albans, next week...

Vestage and Meeting - a double bill

A unique, up close and personal experience of Wayne Parsons Dance. Without all the technical trappings of larger scale performances, Wayne Parsons Dance will present a compelling double bill of dance-theatre where movement and text are seamlessly combined in a truly distinctive approach to storytelling.

Vestige is based on the life of a fictional celebrity named Livia. Her memory is kept alive in the stories of those who knew her. Fan-girl archivist Suki, needy portrait artist Cath and jealous biographer and ex-husband Killian all share their differing accounts of Livia as she weaves her way through their memories. Bridging the worlds of dance and theatre, Vestige is the company’s first collaboration with writer Ankur Bahl.

The touching, sensitive and playful duet, Meeting sees a couple navigate the retelling of a shared memory. Launching Wayne Parsons Dance, Meeting premiered at The Place in Resolution! 2013. Since then, it has been a finalist at the Copenhagen International Choreography Competition and been seen at Big Dance.

Thursday, November 1 at 7.30pm.

Pop Music

G and Kayla’s lives are a mess but tonight they’re determined to Have It Large. As their veins course with adrenaline and cheap Prosecco, follow them on an epic journey through thirty years of pop.

Can the DJ save them as they become Dancing Queens, reliving their Teenage Dream, Staying Out For The Summer and Spicing Up Their Lives? Pop makes promises it can’t keep, and soon they’ll discover they have more in common than their taste in tunes.

This new play, which promises to be a night at the theatre like no other, charts two wedding guests’ rollercoaster journey.

Saturday, November 3 at 7.30pm.