Remembrance Sunday was special this year with the 100th Anniversary of the end of World War 1. 

There were many special events.  In Harpenden, there was the usual Royal Legion ecumenical service on the Green in the morning. 

There was also a special ecumenical service of readings and songs on Sunday evening before the lighting of the beacon and the ringing of the bells.

Across Hertfordshire, similar events occurred to help us remember. 

Documentaries and other broadcasts on television and radio shared the stories of the men and women who served.  Many in the community commented on how they were moved.

This year the graves of those buried in St Nicholas, Harpenden, churchyard were researched and a display in the church with a picture of their gravestone and a brief biography was set-up. 

The twenty-three names were read out in the services on Remembrance Sunday. 

Why do we remember?  We remember to honour those who served and who died in service of God and country.  We remember to not forget in order to learn the lessons of the past, that we might not repeat them. 

In remembering we pledge ourselves to peace.