Savannah - even the name rolls of your tongue and transports you to a magical, romantic land.

Dripping with southern charm, it is a land filled with history which serves up a lot more than memorable experiences.

We stayed at The Planters Inn, a small but wonderful hotel. The staff made us feel special from the moment we arrived.

Everyone, from the reception staff to the bell man, were full of the southern hospitality we hear so much about over here. I couldn’t fault them one bit.

This hotel describes itself as a delightful mix of southern traditions, and that rings true.

It is everything you could hope for in a hotel - charming, cosy and hip without being too overbearing. It’s authentic too, so you feel part of the history of Savannah but oh so at home.

The room was nothing short of beautiful.

It was stunning, with two king-sized canopy beds and classic wooden furniture which gave it that quintessentially vintage vibe.

It felt spacious and would easily be big enough for four people.

Besides the king sized bed, we had a lovely bathroom with a toilet, two sinks and a standard-sized bath. We had zero complaints. Everything was sparkling clean.

The view from our room was beautiful, straight out onto a sprawling square. We were in awe at how stunning everything was.

A nice touch to this hotel is daily wine and cheese social nights.

Two of my favorite combinations, so who was I to say no? A civilized sit down with all the vino and cheddar you can stomach - what’s not to love?

This was held in the lounge opposition reception, which has comfortable sofa chairs and bay windows.

It has a yellow theme, so it feels spacious without being too clinical. It has a grand piano in the corner of the room, and guests are treated to a sparkling rendition of some classics during the social.

Breakfast was impeccable - traditional southern-style grits with croissants, breads, pastries, name it. And pretty decent coffee too.

It’s location is practically in the centre of town, a short walk to a high street filled with all the restaurants and shops you will ever need. Directly opposite is a cute little movie theatre which plays classics each night.

The hotel was full, but it never felt that way. The guests were lovely and quiet and it felt like we all wanted the same experience.

The only downside, if you can even call it that, is that it doesn’t have a pool or a spa, but honestly, I don’t know why you would need one in a place like Savannah. But more on that next...