A tax rise and ten other priority projects have been recommended in a plan by the council.

St Albans Council’s Corporate Plan and Budget for the next year was discussed at a meeting last Thursday.

The building of more than 80 affordable homes, progressing the Harpenden Leisure and Cultural Centre and an increase in Council Tax by 2.39 per cent was recommended.

Councillor Alec Campbell, council leader and responsible for resources, said: “We intend to put our residents, businesses, visitors, voluntary groups and other customers at the centre of what we do over the next five years.

“We have recommended ten priority projects for the next financial year including completing our Local Plan, progressing a new leisure centre in Harpenden and building more affordable homes and commercial office space.

“This is an ambitious, challenging programme and shows we are striving to improve the District’s infrastructure and quality of the services we provide.

“Our Corporate Plan is also in keeping with the overarching objectives we have set ourselves of maintaining the District as a great place to live and work with a thriving community and vibrant economy.

“We are also committed to ensuring the Council is resilient, efficient and provides value for money. We are increasing funding in repairs and maintenance whilst keeping the proposed Council Tax increase to the inflation rate.”

The plan for the next five years will now go before the council next month for approval.

As the council’s precept is below 3per cent, there is no legal requirement for a referendum of Council Tax payers to endorse it.