Schoolchildren getting off a train yesterday afternoon shouted at the driver and conductor they had “left a bomb on it” three times.

The kids were leaving the Abbey Flyer service, which runs between St Albans and Watford, at Bricket Wood Station at 3.30pm when a passenger says that a group of boys began shouting they had “placed a bomb on the train”, not once but three times.

Both the driver and conductor heard the claims but the train was not evacuated and the alarm was not sounded.

But the incident left one commuter in particular outraged.

He said: “A group of boys decided it would be hilarious to shout they had placed a bomb on the train. I find this behaviour to be highly inconsiderate and highly frightening for some people.

“This was shouted three times. I found it to be totally disrespectful. If you know who these kids were, then please have a word and stop this behaviour in the future.

“If the conductor has raised the alarm, it could have resulted in serious consequences. They were also messing around with the help point at the station.”

The train had been travelling from St Albans Abbey.