More than half of the waste generated by people in Hertfordshire last year was recycled or composted, according to data from the county council.

The Authority Monitoring Report shows more than 529,000 tonnes of waste was collected on behalf of Hertfordshire County Council during 2017/18.

Of that, almost 29 per cent (152,409 tonnes) was recycled and just over 22 per cent (117,499 tonnes) was composted – with a further 35.5 per cent (188,075 tonnes) being sent for energy recovery.

Meaning just 13.5 per cent (71,710 tonnes) of the waste ended up as landfill.

Those figures put Hertfordshire ahead of the national target for 50 per cent of household waste to be re-used, recycled or composted by 2020.

National guidelines also dictate waste authorities should ensure – as far as practicable - there are sufficient waste disposal and recovery facilities for collected waste within their area.

But the Authority Monitoring Report – presented to the council’s growth, infrastructure, planning and the economy cabinet panel on November 14 – shows Hertfordshire has a shortfall.