AS MPs debate the way forward on Brexit and our future links with Europe, many people will be making their views known on the direction for our country.

When I walked past the Houses of Parliament, I saw groups of protestors from all sides of the debate.

Whatever happens in the fast-changing world of Brexit, Christians will be turning to the timeless practice of prayer to support all those involved in the long and heated discussions.

Here are some lines I wrote to focus our prayers:

Light of the World,
Lord of the Nations,
We turn to you at this crucial time
in the life of the land that we love.

Grant our leaders wisdom,
Bring our politicians insight.
Help them to work together
To serve all the people of this land.

Let calm surround their discussions,
And mutual respect shine through their debates.
Let personal advancement and individual gain be set aside,
As together they decide on the future of our country.

We pray for unity in our land
For reconciliation between those who strongly disagree,
And a commitment to understand and respect
each other's point of view.

We pray for a shared vision for our nation,
A vision built on peace and justice,
of a land where people can share life, and live well,
Where families prosper and communities are strong,
Where people live lives with purpose and free from fear,
and the natural world thrives.

We ask this in the name of the
Light of the World
And Lord of the Nations.