Search and Rescue teams in Hertfordshire are among dozens of charities across the UK which will benefit from £1million in government funding to allow them to buy the equipment they need to save lives.

On Sunday, the Department for Transport revealed the 57 successful bids for the latest round of the Rescue Boat Grant Fund. The scheme was launched in 2014 to provide £5million over five years to independent search and rescue teams working on inland waterways.

Over the past four years, 201 bids have been successful - helping a total of 98 search and rescue charities. The money has already paid for 65 new boats in addition to launch vehicles, rafts, safety gear, and other costs to support rescue teams. This year’s pot will fund 15 new boats and a hovercraft.

Charities in the East of England will receive a combined total of £86,821 this year with Hemsby Inshore Service, Hertfordshire Boat Rescue and Palling Volunteer Rescue Service each receiving funds.

Maritime Minister Nusrat Ghani said: “Our rescue boat teams are the unsung heroes of the UK’s waterways. Their commitment and skill keeps people safe on and around our rivers, lakes and inshore areas.

“Lives have been saved as a result of this scheme and our additional funding will ensure that these tireless volunteers and charities can buy the craft, equipment, and other resources they need to provide vital round-the-clock services."