More coupled up people will look for an affair today than any other in the calendar, according to an adultery-supporting website.

Since being dubbed Blue Monday in 2005 by a canny travel agents looking to capitalise on the depressed pound, companies have been quick to jump on the supposedly miserable date.

As post Christmas relationship cracks begin to form eyes begin to wander, married-dating website claims.

Monday, January 7 is forecast to be the peak of an already busy week powered by this depressed and unfaithful contingent, with a 28 per cent rise in sign-ups to IllicitEncounters predicted based on last year's figures.

In a survey of 500 new recruits to the website, 75 per cent claimed that being cooped up with their partner over the Christmas period left them feeling suffocated and in need of some time apart.

Christian Grant, the site’s spokesperson, said: “The New Year is a time when people are making life-changing decisions so an increase in sign-ups at the beginning of the year is no surprise to us.

"The amount of new registrations since Boxing Day suggests that this year will be no exception.”

"A period of family lockdown means couples spend an intense time with each other over Christmas which can be quite claustrophobic.

"This can lead to a ‘cabin fever’ situation where couples get so infuriated with each other that underlying problems are brought to the surface."

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