Drivers face more than six months of disruption as work takes place to install traffic lights at a junction.

Hertfordshire County Council is installing lights at the busy junction of Harper Lane and Watling Street, between Radlett and Colney Street.

The council is creating a permanent traffic signalled controlled junction as part of a larger scheme which also involves widening an existing footway to create a new cycleway.

Harper Lane is set to get a whole lot busier over the coming years with ongoing development to build new homes near Harperbury Hospital.

A new roundabout has already been built in Harper Lane.

At the moment, drivers in Harper Lane have to wait for traffic to clear Watling Street to pull out while cars travelling from the direction of Radlett have to wait to turn into Harper Lane.

Harper Lane often gets clogged up due to cars waiting to get out onto the busy Watling Street.

Temporary traffic lights will in place while permanent lights are installed.

Work will begin on Monday January 14 and is scheduled to be completed by July 31,

The permanent lights are being constructed to relieve congestion in Harper Lane, with extra traffic anticipated, and make the junction safer.

There is no mention of any work planned on the narrow bridge near the junction.