A pro-EU campaign group claimed their day of action proved that the city still overwhelmingly backs remaining in the European Union.

St Albans For Europe, which has been campaigning for a ‘People’s Vote’ on the final Brexit deal, held a campaign in the city centre last Saturday to join a National Day of Action.

Organiser Fiona McAndrew said she wanted to continue to engage with the MP and show the people of St Albans will continue to put pressure on her position.

She added: “We want her to recognise that her views are out of step with her constituents, but she has not shifted her position on Europe.

“It is important she does not get the message that everyone has given up and gone home.”

Passers-by were encouraged to ‘vote’ on an altered Brexitometer, which offered three options on two divisive questions about Britain’s relationship with the EU.

The first - “What’s the best deal for St Albans?” - showed a clear preference for staying in the EU, ahead of going ahead with a no-deal Brexit or leaving with no deal.

The second, which asked which entity should decide the future relationship, heavily favoured a ‘People’s Vote’.

A spokesperson from the group said: “As the Brexitometer shows, there is overwhelming support from the people of St Albans for a People’s Vote. "People want their voices back on Brexit, including people who voted to leave in 2016 and have changed their minds and now want to remain.”

While St Albans voted 62.7 per cent to remain in 2016, MP Anne Main has repeatedly voted against more EU integration.

On Tuesday, the St Albans MP voted against Theresa May’s Brexit deal but backed her during Wednesday’s Vote of No Confidence.

Fiona McAndrew, who chairs St Albans For Europe, said: “Like us, she didn’t think the deal was good for the country, but she had different reasons for doing so.”