HOW can we learn to disagree better? Why are we surrounded by angry voices of people not willing to talk to each other?

Opponents post insults on social media, make strident statements on radio, TV and in the press, and refuse to see any good in people with opposing views.

Sadly the Church does not have a glowing record of disagreeing well. Among the pews, there can be deeply-held opinions expressed in less than loving terms.

Maybe there could be a better way. Could the Christian approach to disagreement be summed up in a sentence: “I may disagree with you – but you’re still my neighbour.”

We may not see the world the same way, but I’m committed to sharing it peacefully with you. And I want to work with you to make our world a better place.

If I knew you better, would I understand more about how you live your life?

Like many other Christians, I am deeply concerned about the rise in anti-Semitism. Equally, I’m concerned when Muslim believers are the victims of hate crime.

So just as St Albans mosques have held open days to build understanding, I welcome two exhibitions being held locally to help explain the Jewish faith.

From February 1 to 4, St Paul’s Church, Fleetville is hosting ‘The Bible Comes to Life,’ focusing on the Jewish roots of the Christian faith, and from February 26 to March 7, St Albans Cathedral is hosting the Jewish Living Experience, to explain more about the faith.

There's more information on their websites - both are well worth a visit.