New modern flats and houses have been built to accommodate people on the council housing register.

The development, in the village of Sandridge, includes eight new flats and 15 homes with two to three bedrooms.

The housing was built on under-used garage sites that had fallen into disrepair as part of the St Albans City and District Council’s regeneration project since 2013.

Eight new flats were built in Allen Green, St Leonards Crescent, and 15 homes were built in Morris Green, Langley Grove. The latter development includes two and three bedroom houses, flats of one or two bedrooms and 23 car parking spaces.

The properties have already been allocated to people in housing need who are on the council’s housing register.

The new homes in Morris Green were opened by the Mayor of St Albans City and District Rosemary Farmer on Thursday 31st.

Cllr Farmer said: “I am very impressed with the quality of both the design and the construction. These properties are modern, high quality and built to last.

“The conversion of rundown and unsightly garage blocks across the district into affordable homes has been one of the most imaginative projects the council has undertaken in recent years.”

As part of the £6 million scheme the construction achieved an environmentally-friendly design which used sustainably-sourced timber frames, low energy lighting and high-performance glazing.

Cllr Brian Ellis, who is responsible for housing and inclusion, said: “The regeneration of our old garage sites is a demonstration of our commitment to creating much-needed affordable housing for the district. I am very pleased with the quality of the Sandridge properties and delighted that we are moving more people off the housing register and into new homes.”

In addition to the 20 new council homes the council has been developing 34 affordable homes at seven garage sites with local housing associations.