I wake up to a fresh snowfall and look up at the distant pink and grey skyline. I make a coffee then sip it slowly as I stare out onto my frozen garden, taking in the tranquility of the new day. There is no rush hour school or work traffic and the morning streets are deserted. I go back upstairs to enjoy my coffee under my warm fleecy blanket.

We go for a walk across the park’s wide-open space and brave the winds. The field has turned into a brilliant white canvas under the diffused sunlight. It lights up our faces. We crunch the snow under our layers of socks and winter boots, passing a snowman or two, and breathe in the icy air that reddens our cheeks.

We soon need a warm drink and head to Aymi, a newly opened café in Hatfield Road. It has a distinctly fresh and open-plan Scandinavian feel. The wallpaper is a light grey with geometric rose gold patterns and cushions to match. Each table is decorated with rose gold accessories and place mats.

The light wooden floor, spacious interior and contemporary lighting add to the relaxing ambience. A beautiful 3D floral design in white, pink and purple decorates the back wall and curves around a huge silver clock face. We choose a table beside a wall unit rich with fresh plants and decorative glassware.

A row of glass jars filled with varieties of loose tea adorns a high shelf behind the counter; tall lemon drizzle cake, Victoria sponge and velvet cake are displayed all along the counter. We look at the menu and order two earl grey teas along with a salmon and cream cheese bagel and a smashed avocado and feta cheese dish.

Holly,the waitress. then brings us tea, and we start up a conversation; she’s just got back from an amazing solo trip to New Zealand, is finding St Albans a little bit stifling after her year away and plans to move to Brighton. “St Albans is home and quite a safe place really," she says. "And of course so close to London!”

Lots of Holly’s friends have moved to London. My daughter joins in the conversation, agreeing that she hopes to move to London one day to experience ‘big city life’. I understand that young need for excitement and adventure that only London can provide.

After our sandwiches, we order cake. I indulge and take my first bite of Victoria sponge. My daughter smiles, notices that I have gone silent, and sees that I have momentarily closed my eyes as she bites into her lemon drizzle cake. They’re so fresh and delicious!

Before we leave, I chat with Aisha the owner about how excited she is to have her own café.

“St Albans has always had a certain charm and is attracting lots of new boutiques lately,” she says.

I mention how impressed I am with the beetroot, turmeric and matcha lattes on offer. Aisha is eager to be part of the young family community and tells me all about the weekly story-time sessions and ‘Beaus and Belles’ drop-in music classes for pre-schoolers.

Later that afternoon, we build a snowman. I’d forgotten what hard work it can be, especially having to hunch over and roll a huge spherical solid base. I soon get into the zone and start singing the song Do You Want To Build a Snowman? from Disney’s Frozen. My daughter laughs out loud at how corny I’m being.

We use blackcurrants for the eyes and as we don’t have any carrots, use a large slice of orange pepper for the nose. We add twigs for the arms and a nice red scarf to complete our artwork. Finally, we take a selfie and pose alongside it, proud of our little Olaf!