Climate activists made an environmental mark when they handing back trolleys of unwanted rubbish to a supermarket.

Last weekend Greenpeace volunteers in St Albans last weekend gathered two trolleys worth of plastic packaging from customer and returned it to Sainsbury’s.

The collection was part of a ‘shoppers revolt’ in which customers wrote personal messages to the supermarket bundled up with their unwanted packaging.

Volunteer Melanie said: “So many shoppers knew all about the problems of plastic in our environment and so were delighted to take part and give us their pointless plastic packaging.

“They told us they would just be throwing it away as soon as they got home anyway and that they wished that they could just buy items loose.

“It took just two hours to fill two trolleys with excessive packaging which really highlights how much supermarkets like Sainsbury’s need to do to step up and change to what their customers want and what the planet needs.”